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Participants should confirm their participation in the event by registering their names and other information provided in the registration form. You will have to submit an updated resume.
If there is a perfect match between your skill set and kind of resource the company is looking for, you certainly will get a job. However, there cannot be a guarantee.
Please follow the profiles of the participating companies.
There will be more than a dozen leading software companies of Nepal along with many startups.
Yes, there is. Please refer to the site. The first is taking place on 8th May 2017, 9:30 AM.
No. Absolutely not. This event is not targetted at DWIT students but students from all over Nepal.
It depends. If the companies are looking for full-time employees then they would probably go for students who have graduated. However, there are also companies who are looking for interns, and in such case, even if your studies are ongoing, you might be selected.
Yes. You will get to know who are the big players in Nepalese IT Industry and what kind of technology they use.

Please upload PDF File only


Samjhana Pokhrel - 985-124-5424

Prayush Shrestha - 984-306-5157

Sayal Vaidya - 986-089-7368

Shreyansh Lodha - 984-041-6598

Anushka Maharjan - 984-177-9580

Prakriti Tuladhar - 986-045-3220

Sabin Pathak - 984-564-8467

Mallika Bhattarai - 986-075-7575

Biplav Shrestha - 984-302-9675